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The Computer Knight is the brain child of the unity of technological knowledge, years of experience in computer science and creative design. 

At The Computer Knight, we believe that computer technology is not only an extension of your business or home-based use but proves to be a definition of the ability and capacity of your company and an over-arching statement of what you can personally accomplish.  We take into account your specific requirements and wishes and we do our best to bring those ideas to life. 

Computers and their counterparts need not be ordinary, featureless or mundane, they can reflect your business and household’s personality or become visible only when in use.  We intend to be able to provide services for all your computing necessities as well as building upon your business or home-based plans.  Each computer system The Computer Knight designs and builds leaves our offices with our logo discreetly displayed, as our stamp of approval and guarantee of the level of our workmanship.

The Computer Knight also believes that computers should never intimidate nor confuse their owners and to this end, we do offer any amount of tutorials tailored to your needs and expertise. Our tutors are patient, professional, dependable and have a vast accumulated knowledge of over 25 years, as well as being A+ certified.

Your company’s business plan is as important to us as it is to you and we endeavor to model a computing network that will take shape around your original conceptions and desires.  At The Computer Knight, we will make every effort to ensure that your computer needs for your business enterprises are met or exceeded.


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